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How FluMist Slipped From Preferred To Passe

A CDC advisory panel concluded that the nasal spray vaccine is so ineffective that it shouldn't be used by anyone during the 2016-2017 flu season. Until 2015, the spray was the top choice for kids.

Soccer Shocker: Lionel Messi Says He's Retiring From Argentina's National Team

But fans hope Messi will rethink his declaration of "I think it's over" once the wave of post-game frustration at Argentina's 4-2 loss to Chile in Sunday's Copa America final has passed.

Nothing Says 'Hip' Like Ancient Wheat

Many consumers in North America and Europe are willing to pay a premium for nutritious, organic grains. That makes the market ripe for a revival of millennia-old bread wheat, some plant breeders say.

Elizabeth Warren Campaigns With Hillary Clinton, Goes After Donald Trump

In their first appearance together of the 2016 campaign, the progressive hero and Massachusetts senator enthusiastically endorsed the presumptive nominee.

Supreme Court Throws Out Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's Conviction

McDonnell was sentenced to two years in prison after he was convicted of public corruption. The high court, however, ruled the government used too-broad an interpretation of the federal bribery law.

Fallout From Supreme Court Ruling Against Texas Law's Abortion Restrictions

While Texas' law governing clinics that perform abortions was among the most restrictive, many other states have laws with some of the same provisions.

Supreme Court Finds Texas Law On Abortion Providers Unconstitutional

The 2-year-old law required clinics that provide abortions to have surgical facilities and doctors to have hospital admitting privileges; the justices reversed a federal appeals court decision, 5-3.

Supreme Court Rules Domestic Abusers Can Lose Their Gun-Ownership Rights

In a 6-2 vote, the justices concluded that misdemeanor assault convictions for domestic violence are sufficient to invoke a federal ban on firearms possession.

Girl Talk: What Teens Want Michelle Obama To Know About Liberia

Some of them have never heard of her. But most of them want her to know: Make sure more Liberian girls can stay in school!

Water Break: Is Your Child Drinking Enough Fluids This Summer?

From sports camps to running around on the playground, kids can log long hours in the summer heat. Many don't stop to drink water. A few simple moves by camps, coaches and parents can help.