PETERSBURG-AK The Petersburg school board has accepted the resignation of Superintendent Gary Jacobsen. He’ll stay in the job through the end of June. There was little comment during Fridays brief meeting. Board vice president Jean Ellis and other members thanked Jacobsen for his work with the district and his willingness to finish out the current school year.
The district is looking for principals in both the High School and Middle School as well as a new superintendent for next year. Ellis was optimistic about the search but said it would be challenging.
Board member Jim Schwartz noted that Jacobsen has kept the district in strong financial shape throughout his time in Petersburg.
Schwartz and Ellis agreed it was time for a change in the job….but declined to elaborate on the differences between the board and Jacobsen.
Jacobsen did not go into a lot of detail on that front either….other than to say it was no longer a good fit for him or the board.
There has been some tension in the district over the administrations handling of disciplinary issues as of late and Jacobsen acknowledges that probably played somewhat of a part in his decision. But mainly, Jacobsen says he wants to resume teaching secondary education at the university level, where he spent nearly a third of his 37 year career. Jacobsen spoke with KFSK’s Matt Lichtenstein
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