Younger kids cheered on Kylie Wallace and Stuart Medalen as they went neck-in-neck for the finish line during an 800-meter race.

Esmay: How are you guys feeling?
Kylie: Tired
Stuart: Good
Esmay: How far did you just run?
Kylie: I think it was 800
Esmay: Is that really far for you?
Kylie: No, not that bad.

Other events included 50m, 100m and 1600m running races, softball throwing, and long jumping. Two friends, Stone and Zephry, were excited (and a little competitive) about the long jump.

Stone: We practiced it at my house and we got pretty far. My best was like 8’7” in the running long jump and my other best was 5’9” in the standing.
Zephry: And my running long jump was like 7'4" and my standing long jump was 4'9". That was my biggest.
Esmay: And how tall are you?
Stone: I’m 4’8
Esmay: Are you guys excited about the prizes or moving forward in the competition?
Zephry: Moving forward in the competition because if you get high enough in your age group you can go to finals.
Esmay: And where are finals?
Zephry: In Hershey Pennsylvania.

Organizer Judy Forgey says all fifteen participants received a t-shirt, ribbons, and of course, candy.