With the recent approval by the Borough Assembly, Petersburg’s expanded recycling program could start as soon as February. Once it’s up and running, residents will be able to mix or co-mingle all types of recyclables in one city-issued bag for regular, curbside collection. It’s a free service but residents who choose not to recycle will see a 20 percent rate hike for the lowest level of garbage collection. Those who do recycle will avoid that increase. The changes are aimed at substantially increasing recycling efforts in order to lower the borough’s expenses for shipping garbage out of state.

Public Works Director Karl Hagerman has been working to implement the new, co-mingled, recycling program. Now that it’s been approved, Matt Lichtenstein asked Hagerman what residents should expect and when they should expect it: 

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To sign up for recycling or to get more information, contact Petersburg Public Works at 772-4430.