Petersburg residents have voted to allow commercial marijuana sales and imports in the borough by a wide margin.

In unofficial results, ballot proposition one to prohibit the industry in Petersburg failed with 414 yes votes against 701 no votes.
Supporters of the measure sought to end commercial retail pot stores locally as well as any licensed grow operations, manufacturing businesses or testing facilities. The prohibition would have also applied to any imports of marijuana into the borough.

Photo from flickr/creative commons/seattle city council

Photo from flickr/creative commons/seattle city council

Opponents argued that the industry should be allowed to start up in Petersburg and should be regulated and taxed. Two local businesses have applied for pot licenses in the borough so far.

The “opt-out” vote was Petersburg’s only ballot question.

There was also just one contested race. Three people sought two seats on the borough assembly. Commercial fisherman Kurt Wohlhueter and mental health counselor Jeigh Stanton Gregor have been re-elected to the assembly. Wohlhueter had 727 votes, Stanton Gregor had 668. Commercial fisherman Marc Martinsen received 447 votes.

Turnout topped 41 percent, with 1120 people casting ballots in person Tuesday or absentee prior to the October 4th election. The final numbers will change as more absentee ballots come in by mail along with questioned ballots. Those will be counted by the borough assembly on Friday October 7th at 9 a.m.