Petersburg borough assembly is meeting at noon Monday to hold a public hearing on a potential new development code for the borough. KFSK’s Angela Denning has a look at that topic and others in the meeting agenda:

The development code ordinance deals with changes to zoning, construction and subdivisions. Assembly members want more public comment on potential changes. It has two more readings before assembly and won’t have a final vote until December.

They’ll consider renewing the contract of the borough’s federal lobbyists in DC. The firm is retained for $3,000 a month. In another agenda item, one of the lobbyists, Brad Gilman, wrote a letter to the borough manager regarding a Senate vote on the Coast Guard Reauthorization Act coming up November 13. Gilman writes that the Act would fix one problem for the fishing industry but could create another. It would end the existing EPA Rule imposing Clean Water Act discharge rules on fishing, fish processing, and fish tender vessels. But, it would put ballast water discharge regulations in place. The lobbyist is not sure exactly what the regulation would cover at this time but it could include ice from fishing holds and refrigerated seawater. He says the regulatory process could take more than two years and he’ll keep the borough informed.

At the meeting, the assembly will consider an ordinance to clarify sales tax in regards to marine passengers. The ordinance would amend the sales tax code to clarify when sales tax is or is not due on travel and adventure services within the borough. For example, the marine passenger ship cruise ticket contracts that are subject to the borough’s marine passenger fee would not be subject to the borough’s sales tax.

Public Works Director, Chris Cotta, is asking the assembly for approval to replace the solid waste baler. Cotta says that the baler, which was built in the mid-90s, has parts that are failing. He estimates the cost of repairing the existing baler at $420,000 and a full replacement at $550,000.

Harbor Master, Glorianne Wollen, is asking the assembly to approve an increase to the borough’s in-kind contribution for a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers feasibility study for navigation improvements. The borough was contributing $50,000 but there are four more sampling efforts needed to determine an in-water disposal location for the project. So, the Corps wants $100,000 now.

The assembly will also consider sending a letter to the U.S. Forest Service asking the agency to fix problems with timber sale appraisal and oversight.

In other items on the agenda, Mayor Mark Jensen would like to discuss a proposal to the borough from the AirMedCare Network. The transportation company is proposing to provide all borough residents with Medivac services for a total fee of $14,355.37 annually. But it only applies to those with medical insurance. Residents who are uninsured would still get billed.

And assembly member Jeff Meucci would like to discuss a solid waste-recycling work session.

The borough assembly will be going over these and other topics in their meeting Monday, which starts at noon in borough assembly chambers. KFSK will broadcast the meeting live.