Tanner crab (Photo courtesy of ADF&G)

Commercial crabbing in some areas of Southeast Alaska wrapped up this week, while other areas remain open.

Seasons for Tanner and golden king crab opened on February 12. Fishermen catching Tanner crab had seven days of fishing in the more popular “core” areas. Those areas, which include waters between Petersburg and Juneau, closed at noon on Tuesday, February 19. Other parts of the inside waters of the Southeast panhandle remain open until noon Sunday, February 24. In addition, crabbers can continue fishing in offshore waters for a total of 26 days until noon on Sunday, March 10.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game reported 62 vessels were registered for the Tanner season, using a total of 4950 pots.

Meanwhile, one area for golden king crab, also known as brown king crab, was closed Sunday, February 17. Fishery managers expected the fleet would reach its 11,000 pound guideline harvest level in northern Stephens Passage near Juneau. Other parts of the region remain open to golden king crab fishing. Fish and Game expects to take a look at catch data in March and could announce more closures then.