Petersburg resident, Alec Schramek, poses with a legal moose he harvested this year along with his dog named Moose. (Photo courtesy of Alec Schramek)

Forty bull moose have been harvested in the fall moose hunt near Petersburg and Wrangell as of Tuesday morning. The hunt started two weeks ago and will run through October 15.

Areas with the highest harvests include Kupreanof Island with eight bulls, Kuiu Island with eight bulls, and the Stikine River with seven bulls.

There were also six bulls taken around Kake on the northwest side of Kupreanof Island.

Hunters took four in Thomas Bay on the mainland north of Petersburg, two on Mitkof Island, one from Farragut Bay and two more from the rest of the mainland area.

There were also two kills that were illegal—one in the Kake area and one in another part of Kupreanof Island.

Last year saw a record season of 127 moose harvested. That’s the most on record since this kind of restricted antler hunt started in 2009.

The fall moose hunt covers several areas:  Unit 1-B on the mainland, the Unit 3 islands, and the extreme southern portion of Unit 1-C, also on the mainland.

Recent Moose Harvests:

  • Year 2019–127 bulls
  • Year 2018—105 bulls
  • Year 2017—117 bulls
  • Year 2016—112 bulls
  • Year 2015—103 bulls
  • Year 2014—104 bulls
  • Year 2013—85 bulls
  • Year 2012—67 bulls