Due to Covid-19 and limited public access in the KFSK studios, we are sharing poems from years past along with some fresh ones, call us if you wish to share a poem, 772-3808

KFSK’s Poetry Month Celebration will feature a poetry reading each weekday 8:08am, 12:30pm and 6:30pm – poetry readings from the month are linked here:

Harvey Gilliland, this poetry reading first aired mid April 2014

Jim Brennan, April 17, 2020

The Coonrad kids: Samantha, Micah and Jebediah , April 16, 2020

Alec McMurren, April 7, 2020

Julie Hursey, April 1, 2020

Mackenzie Hayes, Safire Weathers, Adie Wasilauski, Lilly Crain, April 29, 2016

Pamela Speck, Jeigh Stanton Gregor, April 28, 2016

Skylar Wasilauski, Martha Midkiff, Margaret Powers and Maddy Parker April 27, 2016

Elisa Larson, Hana Newman and Keyleigh Eddy April 26, 2016

Joe Sebastian and Julia Murph April 25, 2016

Addysen Bird, Askley Eilenberger, Hailey Nunemaker, Bella Tarquino and Samara Olson April 22, 2016

Alexandra Bless, Chase Lockhart and Marissa Nilsen April 21, 2016

Abbey Hardie, Lee Ribich and Clair Byrer April 20, 2016

Suzanne Fuqua and Isabelle Ith April 19, 2016

3rd Graders: Sean Toth, Eric Edwards, Adam Perry, Blake Stough, Elizabeth Burns and MicKinley Dawe April 18, 2016

Tolin Eddy April 15, 2016

Clair Byrer and Alyssa Guthrie April 14, 2016

3rd Graders: Gage Massin, Caleb Latomski, Rebecca Fisher, Kristina Barkfelt, Chatem DenAdel, and Thomas Patrick Olson Phillips April 13, 2016

Joe Sebastian April 12, 2016

Louden and Chauncey Sandhofer and Lora O’Brocta April 11, 2016

Peyton Menish and Martha Johnson April 8, 2016

Lee Ribich April 7, 2016

Hannah Pfundt April 6, 2016

Joe Sebastian April 5, 2016

Kylie Wallace April 4, 2016

The late Dan Crain April 1, 2016

The below links are readings from our 2015 poetry series:
Dana Bronkala and Mary Ellen Anderson April 30, 2015

Mary Ellen Anderson April 29

Robyn Hagerman April 28

Mary Ellen Anderson April 27

Jeigh Stanton Gregor April 24

Jim Demko April 23

Doug Rhodes April 22

Lee Ribich April 21

PHS Seniors April 20

Joe Sebastian April 17

Chelsea Tremblay April 16

Evelyn Anderson April 15

Sally Reimer April 14

Cathy Cronlund April 13

Greg Kowalski April 10

Chelsea Tremblay April 9

Sean Speiglemeyer April 8

Joe Sebastian April 7

Susan Erickson April 6

Lee Ribich April 3

Reese Buntin April 2

Rosa Lopez April 1