Petersburg Public Library, Rexall Drugstore, Public Health, and the Joy Jansen Clinic is giving out take-home COVID test kits to families. (Photo by Angela Denning/KFSK)

There have been 23 new cases of COVID in Petersburg within the last week, according to the Petersburg Medical Center.

Three patients have also reported positive results from home antigen tests to the clinic.

As of Monday morning, there were two cases associated with the elementary school, one at the middle school, and two at the high school.

In a press release Friday, PMC is asking residents to notify them if they have positive test results at home. The statement says it is difficult for them to know the extent of infections unless they are reported. They say this is important because it allows providers to prepare for increased demand for medical services.

Hospitals in Alaska and in Seattle are close to or at capacity and PMC physicians may have difficulty locating a place to accept local patients.

Residents can notify PMC of positive results anonymously. There is an anonymous QR code, which can be scanned if people don’t want to be identified. People can also report anonymous results online.

Physicians are urging people to stay home and test if they’re ill.