A map, prompting guests to share where they’ve lived and to connect to others. (Photo by Avery Herrman-Sakamoto)

Petersburg residents gathered this weekend to welcome newcomers to town at Sandy Beach Park, Oct. 9.  

Chelsea Tremblay organized the event around KFSK’s membership drive, and even through heavy rainfall, a crowd showed up. 

Participants played Welcome Wagon Bingo, featuring prompts “born in Petersburg” or “lived in a landlocked state” with prizes such as a year-long subscription to the local newspaper, the Petersburg Pilot. One of the questions was if they’d met a local pet duck named Star Flower.

There was a big fire going, with Sarah Hanson-Hoffstetter and Matthew Wintersteen playing the guitar, drumming up a beat and singing as the crowd chowed down on potluck dishes.

KFSK’s Avery Herrman-Sakamoto attended the event and created this audio postcard.