(Photo by Hannah Flor/KFSK)

School started August 29th for most students in Petersburg. Several new teachers are joining the Petersburg School District this year. Gus Pennington is the new 5th grade teacher. But he’s not new to the school district. He’s spent time in the elementary school as a student teacher and a substitute. And he graduated from Petersburg High School in 2019. Pennington told KFSK’s Hannah Flor that he’s excited to get into the classroom and get the school year started. 

KFSK has been airing conversations with new teachers during the first week of school. You can find Hannah Flor’s interview with new high school math teacher Megan Smith here, new 4th grade teacher Sarah Paulsen here, and new 1st grade teacher Jolie Norman here. New 4th grade teacher Thomas Hambley declined to speak with KFSK, and secondary special education teacher Rosal Concepcion did not respond to invitations to be interviewed.