KFSK Web Site Content Policy

The Narrows Broadcasting Corporation Board of Directors which governs KFSK-FM and kfsk.org

has authority over web site content, appearance and practices.

As an important public face and portal to KFSK, web site content shall reflect and be in

accordance with the mission, policies and procedures of KFSK.

The KFSK web site, design, and content are the property of Narrows Broadcasting Corporation.

Audio content copyright resides with KFSK unless otherwise noted by other providers.

The web site mananging editor shall be the radio station general manager.

The managing editor shall enforce board decisions and approve all content and content changes

to the site. The managing editor shall be directly accountable to the board.

KFSK Tradio Policy

Adopted November, 2004

KFSK’s Tradio program is provided as a free service to individuals, public and non-profit

organizations to buy, sell or trade items, or to make announcements to the community.

Commercial businesses or private, for-profit ventures have alternate options available

to them on KFSK airwaves.

Tradio announcements may not promote or advertise for-profit events or products.

Public Service Announcement Policy

Board Approved – March 2007

1) PSA’s first and foremost convey information of interest or benefit

to the general public, or to broad segments of the public.

2) PSA’s can promote the goods, services and activities of any non-profit or social agency, any non-profit special interest group or club, or any educational, civic, religious, fraternal, or governmental organization.

3) PSA’s are not intended to promote the interests or activities of a

for-profit venture. There are three exceptions to this rule:

A) PSA’s may be used to notify the public to unanticipated changes in the normal operation

of local businesses, if those unanticipated changes affect the accustomed patterns of the

public. For example, if a press breakdown means the “Petersburg Pilot” cannot be

distributed on Thursdays, as it usually is, it would be permissible to notify the public

of this change.

B) PSA’s may promote information that is in the medical interest of the public.

For example, it is permissible to notify the public that a class or program related to

the medical field is available. Examples meeting approval – CPR classes, meetings for

Diabetics. Examples not meeting approval – an eye doctor is coming to town, etc….

C) PSA’s may promote cultural events that are offered to the general public for a limited

time. Announcements for events sponsored by for-profit entities will be limited to a

three-day period prior to the event. Examples meeting approval – artists receptions,

music concerts, Oktoberfest ArtShare, Little Norway events, special events with cultural

or artistic themes. Examples not meeting approval – a band playing at a venue for a

long period of time, an artists’ work being displayed in a business for a long period

of time (the intent here is the time frame, if the announcement promotes a limited

event then it is deemed in the public interest to make the announcement)

4) PSA’s may promote benefits that promote an event to raise money to help a family or

individual with unanticipated or unusually high expense – such as medical bills or

recovery from fire, etc…

5) PSA’s must not advocate political positions, but can promote public access to

information about issues of controversy. For example, a PSA cannot call the public to

take some action, but can let the public know how to find out more information about a

subject of civic or political interest. Similarly, PSA’s may be used to let the public

know where and when they may meet political candidates.

6) PSA’s may offer employment opportunities through Job Services. PSA’s may also promote

job opportunities at the local entities characterized in #(2) of this policy.

7) This policy is subject to interpretation by KFSK Management.

Open Airwaves Policy

The KFSK Board of Directors resolves that it is a function of KFSK to encourage the on-air, public expression of opinions, ideas and creative works.

• KFSK will air materials submitted by the public
• Exceptions include alleging criminal misconduct or other negative assertions against the
character, behavior or reputation of an identifiable individual(s)
• The referenced exceptions do not apply to public figures – those targeted public figures will be
notified of the commentary prior to broadcast.
• Submissions will not be anonymous, at least one author must be identified
• The Station Manager has the discretion of airing and placement of material submitted by the
• If the Manager believes material is not suitable for broadcast, the Manager and the material’s author will consult a quorum of the KFSK Board of Directors in a special meeting and reach a final decision at the earliest possible date.

Staff Guidelines for Publicly Produced Radio Pieces

* KFSK staff will work with members of the public to help produce professional quality work.

* Material will be aired 3 times over a 24 hour period.

* Material will be placed on the station’s web site following on-air broadcast and archived for public access