PETERSBURG, AK A cold-war era military communications site on a mountaintop in Duncan Canal could see some more clean-up work in the next few years. The former "White Alice" station on Kupreanof Island, about eight miles west of Petersburg, was built in 1959 and was part of a system used to relay radio communications from Clear, Alaska to Colorado Springs. The former manned station was demolished and had its buildings removed in 1986. The land was transferred to the U.S. Forest Service in 1987. However fuel drums and abandoned vehicles were discovered at the site in 1999 nearer to the beach, and close to several hunting cabins. In 2000, the Air Force removed over 100 dumped fuel barrels from the site. Since then, the Air Force has hired a private contractor, Weston Solutions, to investigate the remaining fuel drums, spilled fuel and chemicals remaining at the site. Jamie Grund works for Weston Solutions and he spoke with Joe Viechnicki about the company's findings.