The Petersburg Listening Project is an archive of oral histories seeking to share personal experiences. This is a cooperative production between the Petersburg Public Library and KFSK Community Radio. Click here for the full archive or below for the story of your choice.

Longtime Sons of Norway members share stories with Jessica Ieremia

Jonas Hallingstad and others talk with Jessica Ieremia

Mel Stockton, Kathy Bracken, Susan Holmes, Sally Riemer

Kari and Oliver Petersen

Tareq Halu and Angele McDonald

Dieter and Dylan Klose

Florence LeRoy and Linda Ensign

Erling Husvick

Karen Hofstad and Sarah Wagstaff

Ethelyn Lopez and Brenda Louise

DJ Roundtree and Heidi Lee

Ty and Martha Cummins

Carli Loucks Byrer and Jackie Loucks

Irya Peterson and Kevin Kivisto

Colleen Nicholson and Sally Riemer

Barry and Kathy Bracken

Marilee and Carol Enge

Patty Simpson and Ikie Roundtree

Gloria Ohmer-Koenigs and Patti Norheim

Dot and Alan Otness

Gerald Lind and Shari Otness

Arlene Otness and Roxy Lee

Louis and Greg Severson

Tora Thynes and Heidi Lee

Janet, Gabe and christian Holten

DJ Roundtree and Cathy Cronlund

Leo and Jon Ness

Oliver Hofstad and David Holmes

Roxy Lee and Heidi Lee

Hoy Yi and Erik Holl

Heidi, Heather and Grace Bieber

Dorothy Ingle and Shar Junge

Wayne and Duke Short

Lorry Christensen and Julie Hursey

Polly Lee and Susan Christensen

Heidi Lee and Lee Ribich

Dave and Sally Riemer

Carol and Bill Stedman

Bev Hammer and Don Nelson

Al and Sally Dwyer

Susan and Neva Christensen

Van and Tom Abbott

Diane and Ruth Sandvik

Lorraine and Harold Thompson

Angie Hofstad and Kari Petersen

Brian and Marjorie Paust