The KFSK Board of Directors established an Endowment Fund is 2009. You can help support the KFSK endowment fund to help ensure KFSK’s local service for years to come. It is the long-term goal of the endowment fund to one-day be in a financial position to annually support the station’s operating budget.

For information about Long Term Giving or making a donation to the endowment fund contact Tom Abbott, Station Manager or connect with the Alaska Community Foundation to support KFSK Endowment Fund.

Once the principle is strong enough to earn sizable interest earnings, the interest will be invested into the annual operational budget for KFSK media services.
It is the long-term goal of the board of directors to ensure continued local news service, thereby creating a sustaining and secure funding source not susceptible to potential governmental grant reductions. Certainly if a donor wishes for their donated funds to be designated otherwise, KFSK management will gladly abide.