PETERSBURG-AK Petersburg’s Rotary Club has raised enough money to start up a revolving loan fund in Africa, in honor of a Tanzanian school teacher who died while visiting here one year ago. Eden and Rogathe Kaombwe spent a month in Petersburg and Juneau last winter, telling about their lives in Monduli in northeastern Tanzania. Eden died of an apparent heart attack while in Petersburg in early January. His widow, Rogathe, returned to Tanzania and in the past year has helped start up a Rotary club in the area. Petersburg’s club is partnering with that club and has enlisted the help of a non-governmental organization that works in the area, to create a new system for loaning money to business people. A recent fund raising effort netted a little over $2,000 from local residents, along with a contribution from the Lutheran church. The Petersburg Rotary Club also put in $5,000 and that local money will be matched, two-to-one, by the Rotary district organization, giving the Monduli revolving loan fund about $22,000. Joe Viechnicki spoke with local rotary club board member Dave Berg about the revolving loan fund and how it will work.