PETERSBURG, AK It took $1.1 million to fix Petersburg’s pipeline to its main water reservoir at Cabin Creek. The city came out this month with a final cost for the pipeline repair work completed last summer. There were multiple problems with the under-performing line. The first phase of rehab work meant lowering one section of the pipe, replacing some damaged segments along with the installation of several new air relief valves. The work also meant cleaning an organic growth off the inside of the pipeline. Petersburg’s city council last year debated whether to do a second phase of the repairs, which would have meant installing a second outflow pipe from the cabin creek reservoir to the pipeline. The city went as far as purchasing some of the material for that second phase and awarding a contract for the work. After the first phase work looked to have improved the pipeline’s performance, the council ultimately decided not to pursue the second phase work. City staff have been working to recoup some of the cost of materials already purchased for that additional work. Joe Viechnicki spoke with public works director Karl Hagerman about the costs of the Cabin Creek repairs.