PETERSBURG, AK Residents of Port Protection were able to extinguish a fire at the Wooden Wheel Cove Trading Post in driving snow and wind Saturday night.
The grocery store, fuel stop and fishing buying station is owned by Jack Mason and is the center of the community of about 70 people on northern Prince of Wales Island. The fire burned a generator shed and warehouse at the store, however a couple dozen residents from Port Protection and neighboring Point Baker were able to stop the fire and keep it from destroying other buildings.
Port Protection resident Litzi Botello said the fire was discovered smouldering in the generator shed around 7 o’clock Saturday evening. Botehlo says several people had some minor burns and inhaled noxious smoke from the fire but she reported no major injuries. She thought the Wooden Wheel would stay open and continue buying fish despite the fire. Joe Viechnicki spoke this morning with Botehlo about the blaze.
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