PETERSBURG-AK City and State crews were busy in Petersburg Friday, cleaning up damage caused by heavy rains and winds. Friday morning, a large landslide blocked Mitkof highway in Petersburg. The storm also caused an extensive power-outage, and downed multiple trees and electrical lines. The Alaska Airlines cargo terminal lost a substantial part of its metal roof to the wind and several vehicles around town were damaged by fallen trees. The slide out Mitkof highway was at least the second in as many years in the same area. Another large slide of rocks, trees and mud blocked the road in late September 2009 as well. And that wasn’t the first time either. Following heavy rains back in December, 1988, yet another big slide blocked the highway around the same spot. There were also major slides at that spot and just to the north in 1986. Matt Lichtenstein has more on this Friday’s storm damage on the highway and elsewhere in town.
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