PETERSBURG-AK The local officers include ANB President Ross Nannauck III, Vice President Skip Hallingstad, and Sgt. at Arms Raymond Ochoa. Petersburg&rsquo;s ANS president is Brenda Louise who is also the grand camp Sgt. at Arms. The local ANS Vice President Theresa Struelli and the ANS Sgt. at Arms is Annette Wooten. The ANB/ANS secretary is Mary Armin and the Treasurer is Ronelle Beardslee.<br />
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The statewide Grand Camp of the ANB and ANS will celebrate its centennial next year and last week&rsquo;s installation was performed by Grand Camp officers from around Southeast and Anchorage. The speakers included ANS Grand President Mary Brown of Klawok, ANB Grand Vice President Sasha Soboleff of Juneau, and Grand Treasurer Marvin Adams of Anchorage.
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