Southeast Alaska deer hunters have to file deer harvest reports in less than a week. It’s a new state requirement aimed at getting a better estimate of hunter effort and success. Basically, anyone who picked up harvest tickets to hunt deer under state or federal rules this past year has to complete the report. That includes people who did not actually hunt or take an animal, as well as people who did and those who had someone else proxy hunt for them. During the season, hunters who took their bag limit were supposed to send in their report to the Department of Fish and Game within 15 days. The deadline for everyone else in Southeast is February 15th, which is a couple weeks after the closure of federal subsistence seasons in the region. Matt Lichtenstein recently spoke with Wildlife Biologist Rich Lowell about the new reporting rule:

KFSK file photo

The new deer hunt reports are due to the Department of Fish and Game by the 15th of February in Southeast. Hunters can either mail in the paper report card they received with their harvest tickets or report online.