Work on a new drive-down dock could begin this winter in Petersburg. The Harbor Advisory board this month recommended moving forward with the final design and bid preparation for the 10.8 million dollar project, which is being funded through state grants. Located next to South Harbor, The facility will provide a vehicle-accessible ramp and float for boats to load and unload.

Meanwhile, contractors with the US Army Corps of Engineers have been dredging the North Harbor basin for the past week. That 3.5 million dollar, federal project paves the way for installation of the new pilings, float system and ramp which are scheduled to be complete in time for Mayfest.

Matt Lichtenstein asked Harbormaster Glo Wollen for an update on both projects, beginning with North Harbor:

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US Army Corps of Engineers North Harbor dredge project

Harbormaster Glo Wollen says the drive down dock is scheduled to be complete before Christmas, of next year.