boroughsealThe Petersburg borough assembly will be meeting Monday to hold a few public hearings and go over issues on their regular agenda.

The assembly is taking public comment on an ordinance that would adjust the fiscal year 2017 budget. The budget would increase for: a $41,000 grant to the borough for the Hungry Point Trail expansion; a $149,000 Homeland Security grant for public safety communications equipment; and $86,000 in remaining Secure Rural Schools funding to be used for paving and patching various streets in town.

Assembly members supported the budget changes in their last meeting.

The assembly is also holding a public hearing on having another marijuana vote in Petersburg. The question would ask voters if all sales and importation of marijuana should be illegal, including cultivation and testing. The assembly approved the ballot question during its first reading in response to a citizens’ initiative that gathered enough signatures for a vote.

Aside from the public hearings, the borough assembly will consider a resolution which would give preliminary approval for sale of borough land on North 4th Street, lots 6, 7, and 8. It’s a sale that the Planning Commission is recommending to the borough.

The assembly will consider the purchase of a septage dewatering unit from Illinois worth up to $83,000.

The group will also vote on a request to the State’s Department of Transportation asking them to make permanent fixes to Haugen Drive and not just surface repair that is currently planned. The resolution says the surface repair has been shown to settle and the fail and continuing that type of work would lead to increase maintenance costs and possible danger.

These are some of the topics that will be considered at the borough assembly meeting on Monday. The meeting starts at noon and is open to the public. KFSK will be broadcasting the meeting live.