A crowded Petersburg market in 2017 at the John Hanson Sr. building (formerly ANB-ANS Hall). (Photo courtesy of the Market)

The Market in Petersburg will be different this summer. Instead of several markets selling local food and crafts, there will be just two main events. KFSK’s Angela Denning has more:

The Market in Petersburg has been a way for people to buy locally grown produce and arts and crafts in the summer months.

Farragut Farm has offered a variety of vegetables at the Market for several years. But farmers, Bo Varsano and Marja Smets, will not be selling as usual. The couple was in a car accident this winter when a semi-truck hit their vehicle on the freeway in Arizona. They are concentrating on trying to recover from their injuries.

Market Board President, Mary Koppes, says the only two markets this summer will be June 16 and August 11.

Versano and Smets did not want to do a recorded interview with KFSK but they did say that they’re hoping to be able to produce their garlic crop by late summer and possibly a few others. That’s dependent on if they are physically capable enough in time to get the crops planted.