Inside Petersburg’s fire hall and engine bay (Photo courtesy of Cindi Lagoudakis)

Residents of Petersburg are learning more about a public health alert issued by the borough government Sunday. That advisory asks for people to take steps to limit the spread of coronavirus in the community as Petersburg prepares for the first cases here.

As of Tuesday, March 24, Petersburg Medical Center reports samples for seven people have been sent to a testing lab and four have returned negative. Results from the other three samples are not yet back from the lab. So there are still no positive cases of the virus yet in this community.

Last Thursday, Karl Hagerman was appointed the incident commander for the borough’s covid-19 response. He wanted to be clear about the eight directives in the health alert and what each one means. Joe Viechnicki spoke with Hagerman about the health alert issued Sunday.

That’s Karl Hagerman, the incident commander for the borough’s covid-19 response. The borough may consider mandating some of these steps like other states and municipalities have.

There are numerous links and other information on the borough’s website. Also a reminder the Petersburg Medical Center’s 24-hour hotline for people who think they may have been exposed or have symptoms is 772-5788.

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