The first case of Covid-19 in Petersburg was identified on Sunday. The Petersburg Medical Center informed the Petersburg Borough of a positive test result. The Petersburg Emergency Operations Center sent out Code Red text messages and emails Sunday evening to residents who are signed up for the emergency notifications.

According to the statement, the infected person is in quarantine and State of Alaska public health officials are monitoring their condition. The individual had traveled to the Lower 48, returned to Petersburg in mid-March, and quarantined at home. The person noticed mild symptoms and was tested in late March. The individual is said to be following isolation guidelines and is improving.

The Alaska Division of Public Health is investigating other people the patient might have been in contact with and will notify them if needed. Anyone who was in direct contact with the person will be in self-quarantine for at least 14 days.

Another Petersburg resident, Pete Erickson, was infected with Covid-19 while he was in Washington State getting medical treatment. Erickson eventually died, March 16 in Washington.

Petersburg’s Incident Commander, Karl Hagerman, urged the community to remain calm. He wrote in the community message that the medical center has been prepared for a positive case and was ready. He urged the community to continue with quote, “the positive and healthy behaviors that we have all been working on.”

Alaska is under a shelter-in-place mandate meaning that people are only supposed to leave their homes for essential needs. When away from home, people are asked to practice social distancing, staying six feet away from others.

There is more information about the current state health mandates on the borough’s website: