Petersburg Police officer Carl Tate at the scene of the wreck Friday (Photo courtesy of the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department)

Local volunteers and police responded to a crashed minivan at Friday, July 3 around 5:30 p.m. about eight and a half miles south of Petersburg on Mitkof Highway.

Dave Berg is spokesman for the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department and said fire fighters and EMTs were called out.

“We had a report of multiple vehicles but when we got there we found there was only one vehicle that was involved that was headed out the road and probably took a corner a little quickly and spun around, spun across the road and went across into the ditch facing the opposite direction on the uphill side of the road,” Berg said.

One occupant of the minivan was transported to the Petersburg Medical Center for treatment. The minivan was owned by a local fishing lodge and was being driven by an employee of that lodge.

Berg said the response was good from the department’s volunteers.

“We sent out one fire engine with the crew that had our vehicle extrication equipment on it. The ambulance was dispatched with three people on it and one EMT went directly to the scene,” he said. “So we appreciate all the volunteers that dedicated their weekend to not drinking and being ready for things that happen around town.”

Police also were investigating the van crash.