From left Casey Gates, Kirby Green and Megan Litster, the three in-person runners for the half marathon. (Photo courtesy of Kelsey Lambe/PMC)

The Rainforest Run half marathon and 10 kilometer run and walk had a mix of in-person and virtual participants this month in Petersburg.

The in-person event started and ended at Sandy Beach Park Saturday morning , September 19, with 13.1 mile and 10 kilometer distances. 27 people signed up to run or walk that day on the road to Frederick Point and the Cabin Creek reservoir. Another five people ran or walked the distance on their own and sent in their times.

Three ran the 13.1 mile half marathon that day with Kirby Green taking first overall in 1 hour 53 minutes and 50 seconds. Virtual participant Beth Loesch was the top female runner for the half marathon with a time of 2 hours 22 minutes and 33 seconds.

Marketa Ith finished first in the 10k in just under 53 minutes. Alice Williams was the fastest to walk that distance in an hour and 35 minutes.

One person, Matt Pawuk, rode the rugged half marathon course on his unicycle, finishing in two hours, 24 minutes and 36 seconds.

The event was put on by the Petersburg Medical Center this year. It raised 227 dollars for the Petersburg High School cross country team. 11 high school runners also completed time trials on parts of the course that morning.

In-Person Half Marathon Run:

  1. Kirby Green 1:53:50
  2. Casey Gates 1:56:03
  3. Megan Litster 2:29:21

Virtual Half Marathon Run:

  1. Beth Loesch 2:22:33

In-Person 10k Run:

  1. Marketa Ith 52:56
  2. Eroca Ebert 56:10
  3. Emil Tucker 59:25
  4. Hilary Hunter 59:57
  5. Joann Day 1:03:21
  6. Kersten Lewis 1:16:19 and Shannon McCullough 1:16:19
  7. Sharon Hunter 1:17:27 and Mary Clemens 1:17:27
  8. Sarah Hofstetter 1:20:03
  9. Marlene Cushing 1:20: 06
  10. Joe Hofstetter 1:40:03 and Phil Hofstetter 1:40:03

Virtual 10k Run:

  1. Julie Walker 1:01:51

In-Person 10k Walk:

  1. Alice Williams 1:35:00
  2. Winter Skeek 1:47:40 and Shelley Johnston 1:47:40
  3. Jeff Parker 1:48:59 and Susie Parker 1:48:59 and Jane Whiteley 1:48:59
  4. Tim Chittenden 1:51:08
  5. Michael Burnett 2:10:16 and Violet Shimek 2:10:16 and Aly Shimek 2:10:16

Virtual 10k Walk:

  1. Holli Flint 1:39:48 and Jody Tow 1:39:48
  2. Nichole Peterson 2:01:44

In-Person Half Marathon Unicycle:

  1. Matt Pawuk 2:24:36
The start of the 2020 Rainforest Run under sunny skies at Sandy Beach Park in Petersburg (Photo courtesy of Kelsey Lambe/PMC)