Rob and Adam Swanson butcher moose they harvested in this year’s fall hunt near Petersburg. (Photo courtesy of Kaili Watkins-Swanson)

115 bull moose were harvested in the fall moose hunt near Petersburg, Wrangell, and Kake. The season ran September 15 to October 15. The harvest was less than last year’s record of 127 bulls but close to the average harvest for the last five years.

There were only four moose taken illegally this year in the entire hunt, which is far less than recent years. Last year there were 12 illegal kills and the year before, 12. Historically, illegal kills make up about ten percent of the total harvest.

  • 2017–119 total moose, 11 illegal (9%), 2018–105 moose total, 12 illegal (11%), 2019–127 moose total, 12 illegal (9%)

Another unusual result from the hunt this fall was the large harvest on Kuiu Island, where 29 bulls were taken. That’s double the amount harvested last year on the island. The average for Kuiu the previous five years is only eight bulls.

  • Kuiu Island harvests have been climbing in recent years:  2015-3 bulls, 2016-6 bulls, 2017-4 bulls, 2018-12 bulls, 2019-14 bulls, 2020-29 bulls

Kupreanof Island also saw a large harvest with 27 bulls taken outside of the Kake area. There were 25 bulls harvested in the Kake area on the northwest side of the island.

The Stikine River had 14 bulls harvested.

Hunters took nine bulls on Mitkof Island, five in Thomas Bay on the mainland north of Petersburg, two from Wrangell Island, two from Farragut Bay and two more from the rest of the mainland area.

Zarembo and Woewodski Islands had no harvest.

The fall moose hunt covers several areas:  Unit 1-B on the mainland, the Unit 3 islands, and the extreme southern portion of Unit 1-C, also on the mainland.

Harvest board courtesy of Hilary Wood/ADFG

Recent Moose Harvests:
Year 2020—115 bulls
Year 2019—127 bulls
Year 2018—105 bulls
Year 2017—119 bulls
Year 2016—112 bulls
Year 2015—103 bulls
Year 2014—104 bulls
Year 2013—85 bulls
Year 2012—67 bulls