Donald Trump Jr. was spotted in Petersburg this month and posted video leaving Petersburg’s harbor on a guided hunting trip.

The president’s son was in Southeast Alaska for a week-long hunt with Coastal Alaska Adventures that was auctioned off last February.

A video posted December 20th shows Trump leaving by boat from Petersburg harbor at sunset.

“Pulling out of Petersburg, Alaska right now,” Trump says in the video. “I’ll see you guys in a couple days. What’s really nice about it, no cell phone service, satellite phone for emergency, no texting, no social media, no nonsense, just me, my son, some good friends, having a real adventure the way it’s supposed to be.”

Trump Jr is executive vice president of the Trump organization working with the company’s real estate and business holdings according to the company’s website. He’s known as an outdoorsman and for his opposition to the Pebble Mine in Southwest Alaska. He mentions the denial of that project in this video.

Other videos on his facebook page show Trump Jr and his son on ATVs and a jet boat in what looks like the forest of Southeast Alaska.