PETERSBURG, AK Petersburg ranked 26th among U.S. ports for both the volume and value of its commercial seafood catch last year.
Fishing fleets landed over 34 million pounds of fish and shellfish in Petersburg in 2008. The catch was worth just under $27 million. It’s a big drop from the year before that saw Petersburg ranked 18th in volume of catch and 16th in dollar value.
As recently as 2004, Petersburg’s fleet caught part of the region’s record setting salmon runs and ranked as high as 12th in the nation with a catch topping 102 million pounds. The biggest annual harvest in the past two decades in Petersburg came in 1994, when the fleet caught 126 million pounds.
The top port in the nation last year was Dutch Harbor and Unalaska, totaling 612 million pounds of fish and shellfish. It’s the 20th year in a row for Dutch Harbor to earn that title
The port with the highest value catch was New Bedford, Massachusetts, with a harvest worth over 241 million dollars. It was the ninth year in a row for New Bedford to top the nation’s ports for value.
Nationwide, landings dropped a billion pounds from the year before but the value of the nation’s catch actually increased by 200 million dollars.