PETERSBURG-AK However, it will likely see some changes. It doesn&rsquo;t yet take into account the full-scope of a projected hike in insurance rates or potential increases in wages for employees who have yet to get a new labor contract. Nor does it include legislative capital project funding that&rsquo;s still awaiting the governor&rsquo;s signature. Unlike enterprise funds like the electric and water utilities, the tax-supported general fund covers city functions that cannot pay for themselves. That includes police and fire, public works, the library, city administration and contributions to community services. As it is, the administration&rsquo;s proposed spending plan predicts some increased sales and raw fish tax revenue and maintains existing programs and personnel as well as current funding levels for schools and most other community services&hellip;though not all. It also calls for a relatively small property tax increase to cover debt for the city-owned assisted living facility at Mountain View Manor. The budget will come up for a public hearing before the city council early next month. <br />
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