Le Conte Glacier advanced more than usual this year. That’s according to the annual survey and calculations completed this month by students at Petersburg High school. They found the terminus of the tidewater glacier just south of Petersburg had advanced 330 feet from last year. It had been relatively stable, within 300 feet or so, over the previous 11 years.

The actual trip to take measurements of the Glacier is the culmination of a couple of years of preparation by the juniors and seniors in Teacher Victor Trautman’s survey class. They worked in two teams stationed at the north and south edges of the Glacier with transportation by a Temsco helicopter.

Matt Lichtenstein spoke with the students last week:

From left to right is Krissa Davis, Ian McCallum, Samatha Marifern, Eva Kowalski,Carolyn Kvernvik. Julia Buschmann at LeConte Glacier. Photo Courtesy Victor Trautman

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