Photo/Elizabeth Jenkins

Photo/Elizabeth Jenkins

$1,884. That’s the amount of this year’s Permanent Fund Dividend. Governor Sean Parnell made the announcement this morning in Anchorage.

The dividends will be distributed to Alaskans starting October 2 through direct deposit and mailed checks.

This year’s amount is over twice that of last year’s $900 payout. It’s also the third largest dividend in the 33 year history of PFD’s being handed out.

674,538 Alaskans applied for the 2014 dividend. The Department of Revenue estimates that about 33,000 of them will not qualify.

“The oldest applicant, 109 years old,” Parnell said. “The youngest include 26 children who were born on December 31, 2013, just before the deadline.”

Nearly 27,000 Alaskans have pledged to donate some of their PFD to non-profit organizations through the Pick.Click.Give program. The donations total $2.8 million going to over 500 non-profits.

During the announcement, Commissioner of Revenue, Angela Rodell, thanked the staff and trustees of the Permanent Fund Corporation for recovering from the recession and the lows of 2009.

“The fund was just over $21 Billion dollars,” Rodell said. “Today, I can report that that fund is well over $51 Billion dollars, in just five years. So, it’s a fantastic job that everybody in the state has done to continue to build on the legacy for Alaskans.”

For Alaskans who have received all of the dividends since the beginning, this year’s check will bring their earnings to just over $37,000.