swim leader boardThe Petersburg High School Swim team has been practicing since the beginning of August. They have their first meet this weekend at home against Ketchikan and Craig.

KFSK student intern, Rosa Lopez, talked with coach, Andy Carlisle, about how the team looks right now.

Lopez: When did you start coaching the swim team for the Petersburg Vikings?
Carlisle: In 2008 (Seven Years)

Lopez: How long has the team been practicing this season
Carlisle: We started the first week of August. The fifth I think of August.

Lopez: About how many swimmers do you have on the swim team?
Carlisle: There’s only ten right now. There’s four girls and six boys.

Lopez: So can you tell us a little about the makeup of the team. You lost a lot of seniors last year, correct?
Carlisle: We did lose a lot of seniors and we don’t have the kind of big guns we had last year, but everybody’s working real hard and coming along. We’ll find out how we’re doing a little bit this weekend.

Lopez: So this weekend there’s a home meet. Are there any expectations you hope to accomplish?
Carlisle: Just to see how we’re doing and where our training is. Then we’ll go from there.

Lopez: Are there any particular events or swimmers that you’re looking forward to?
Carlisle: No, nothing in particular. Just everything in general.

Lopez: Do you have any long term goals for the season?
Carlisle: For this season, get as many people to stay as possible.

Lopez: OK, thank you.

The swim meet happens at the Community Pool this weekend. Competition starts at 5:30 p.m. today and at 11 a.m. Saturday.