Petersburg is invited to get outside for games, food, and general fun this weekend. Saturday’s community fun day happens near the grade school and will include KFSK’s Kiddie Carnival, the money pile, a pie-eating contest, and much more. Abbey Collins reports:

Don’t be alarmed if you see kids in go-carts speeding down the street on Saturday. The fire department is behind it. Literally.

“We get a team of people running a hose to squirt it at the back of the cart.”

That’s Dave Berg, volunteer fireman, Rotarian.

“And there’s a half a 55 gallon drum on the back of the cart and that propels the rider down the road,” says Berg.

The five-alarm go-cart race is just one of many activities on the schedule for Saturday’s Community Fun Day.

“We’ve got all kinds of great classics,” says Nathan Lopez, pastor at the Lighthouse Assembly of God Church. He’ll be emceeing the event.

“We have the kid’s carnival that KFSK’s going to be doing. That’s going to be from 11-2,” says Lopez. “We have the money pile, can’t forget that, the kids love that. That’s from 12-12:30. We have the pie-eating contest, gunnysack races, slow bike race, giant track race, 2×6 stomp race, the bed race, fifty yard dashes, hundred yard dash and then there’s your water balloon and egg toss.”

Also on the schedule is the Rotary duck race, a fundraiser for the club. Rotary is sponsoring the day, along with the Chamber of Commerce. It’s geared toward people of all ages, not just kids and families.

“Individuals that want to come up and just enjoy one of the last Saturdays in the summer, says Berg.

Saturday’s event will be held in front of the Elementary School on Dolphin Street, with some activities spilling over into surrounding areas.

“We’ll close the road for the day all the way up to the Lutheran Church on the corner of Excel and Fifth,” says Berg.

And, there will be food. Berg urges community members to participate in running a booth to raise money for their own activities.

“Whether it be track or someone from the school swim team or individuals that want to just have a food both,” says Berg.

Berg and Lopez are looking forward to seeing the community come out to Saturday’s event, one made possible by a number of people and businesses around town.

“First Bank, Rexall, the Pilot. Viking Travel and the U.S. Forest Service is going to be supplying personnel to help run the games. The school district is involved. Rotary and the volunteer fire department too,” says Berg.

Activities will run rain or shine from 11-4 on Saturday, August 20th.