A condemned trailer home on Lumber Street near downtown Petersburg caught fire Monday morning. The blaze was not part of the planned demolition of the structure.

Volunteer fire department spokesman Dave Berg said the call came in just after 6 a.m. February 2 for a trailer at 11 Lumber Street. “When we got on scene we found that the trailer had vented,” Berg said. “There was fire coming out the roof and out one side. We got a couple of hose lines on it. It was pretty cold this morning but we were able to knock it down fairly quickly and then went in to mop up.”

Photo from Petersburg borough non-compliant building report

The trailer home had been boarded up and was slated for demolition. Berg said there was no evidence of anyone living there. Firefighters did find spent fire extinguishers inside the structure. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

In early January the borough assembly voted to give 30 days notice to tear down the structure in Island Trailer Court citing multiple code violations and theft of electricity after service there had been shut off multiple times. Fire crews stopped the blaze before it destroyed the structure and the borough will still have to do some demolition work. That work has not yet been scheduled. Around a dozen volunteer fire fighters responded to Monday’s fire with two trucks and an ambulance.