The fate of the Costume Room is up in the air as volunteers look for a new storage space. (Photo courtesy of Heidi Lee)

Some people in Petersburg really like to dress up in costumes whether it’s for Halloween, a New Year’s Eve party, or a swim club auction….wearing a costume can help brighten up long, gray winter days.

And some residents have relied on a community supply of costumes known as the Costume Room. It’s a cooperative of sorts that was housed near Lee’s Clothing in downtown Petersburg.

But the fate of the costumes is now up in the air as the storage location is changing.

Heidi Lee has been a long-time volunteer and advocate of the Costume Room. She spoke with KFSK’s Angela Denning about the history of the place and what its future may hold.

For more information about The Costume Room you can contact her at 907-518-0462.