Michael Germain (Photo by John Hayward courtesy of Michael Germain)

The jagged and remote mountain peaks on the border between Southeast Alaska and British Columbia continue to draw a few climbers every year. Because of their inaccessibility and challenging weather conditions many still remain unnamed and unclimbed.

A group of five people left Petersburg in early May after a successful climbing and skiing trip. The group used Temsco Helicopters in Petersburg to access the Baird Glacier and ski higher up the glacier to camp. From there they were able to make what may be the first ascents of some of those peaks. One is simply called Mount T, or T Mountain in some books. Around 8,200 feet high, it’s on the border northeast of the better-known rock spires Devil’s Thumb and Mount Burkett.

Joe Viechnicki caught up with one of the group, 70-year-old Michael Germain of Massachusetts and asked about the climb.

That’s climber Michael Germain who was joined on this and some of his other trips by Kent Kasica of Colorado. Also on this climb were John Hayward, Sebastian Günkel and David Lussier. The five reported summitting Mount T on April 29, about 4,600 feet above their base camp.

(Photo courtesy of Michael Germain)