Dancers rehearsing for their performance this weekend (Photo by Jordan Lewis)

This weekend, the Mitkof dance troupe will perform their new show ‘Lost in a Dream.’ The show is themed around dreams and nightmares and will feature a song selected by each choreographer.

This show will be the troupes first non-limited seating show since the pandemic. Their last two shows in spring and last fall had 50 percent capacity. 

There are over 100 kids participating in the dance recital with ages ranging from from 4-years-old to high school seniors. 

KFSK talked with some of the younger kids about what songs they will be dancing to.

“Now can you tell me your name,” said Lewis.

“I’m Finn. “

“Okay, Finn and what song are you dancing to?”

“Here comes The Sun,” said Finn.

“Well, thank you for that and what’s your name,” said Lewis.


“All right, Wren, and what are you dancing to?”

“Here comes the sun,” said Wren.

“Is that a fun song for you?”


The show will also feature an adult hip hop dance group. Tickets for the event are for sale at Lee’s Clothing. The shows will be performed on Saturday at 6:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm