The Scene of The Accident (Courtesy of Police Chief James Kerr)

A car accident caused a power outage for the North Nordic Drive, Sandy Beach Road, and Wrangell Avenue area on Friday, December 16th, in Petersburg.

According to Police Chief James Kerr, the driver hit a parked truck northeast of Baltic Avenue on North Nordic Drive.

Karl Hagerman, The Utility Director for Petersburg Power and Light, spoke more about the accident.

“The pickup truck had gone out of control, and had careened off of a parked truck, wiped out the front of a fence in front of a home and then sheared off one of our power poles and also had sheared off a fire hydrant right next to that pole.”

No one was seriously injured in the accident.

The Scene of The Accident (Courtesy of Police Chief James Kerr)

The report was made at around 3:30 in the afternoon of the 16th. Petersburg Power and Light worked for four hours to restore power to the affected area. They had to replace the downed power pole.

“I think overall from the time of the accident about 3:30 to 7:30 that night to replace a pole and get everything back up and energized. Four hours is that’s pretty good.”

Power was restored to the entire area by 7:30pm. Power has remained on since then and Power and Light don’t anticipate further outages.