There were two winners for the first Rain Game Classic, a new rainfall guessing game put on by the Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber director Cindi Lagoudakis announced the winners Friday. Hilary Bell and Helen Boggs both win a check for 240 dollars. Both submitted guesses of 110.2 inches, just one hundredth of an inch from the actual rainfall amount last year, 110.19.

The chamber sold 960 dollars worth of tickets for the 50-50 raffle, so the prize money totaled 480 dollars and the two winning guesses split that amount.

“We’re gonna make a more concentrated effort to sell tickets this year,” Lagoudakis said. “We wanna get them printed a little bit earlier and now that people know what it’s about I think it’ll gain a little bit of momentum but it should be kind of fun. Then of course we cut off the entries some time in the fall so there’s a time period there where who knows what’s gonna happen. And I think the heaviest rainfall date was sometime around December 14th so anything can happen after that October date.”

Lagoudakis hopes to have tickets for the next round of guessing available for the Chamber banquet in March.