Petersburg’s school board has a full roster again after the board voted Thursday night to appoint a local woman to fill a vacant seat.

The board interviewed two applicants for the spot, Brandi (Thynes) Marohl and Aimee Marsh, and voted to appoint Marohl. She was born and raised here and attended Petersburg schools through 12th grade. Marohl works as an electrician at Petersburg Fisheries. She moved back to Petersburg three years ago after going to school in Seward.

Marohl described her experience as a student in the local schools. “I learned so much from the teachers here and the (Advanced Placement) courses that we offer and had some unique experiences from traveling around. I mean Southeast and a school down here, even compared to Seward, it’s just so much different. I mean you’re not on a bus going to sports. You just become closer with your fellow students, the faculty because you’re traveling with them or you’re participating in different things that are offered. From what I’ve seen the school has done really well with continuing that and actually expanding that.”

Marohl has three kids, two who are school age.

The other applicant for the seat, Aimee Marsh described herself as a stay-at-home mother of four, three who are in school. She’s also a volunteer in the local schools and a member of the school district’s meal charging policy committee. Marsh told the board said she would continue on in those roles whether she was appointed or not.

The seat was left open with the resignation in October of U.S. Forest Service employee Sandra Stevens. She was appointed to the seat in June, elected in October and resigned just after the election to take a job in Oregon. Marohl will serve that seat until next October when she’ll have to run for election to continue on with the board.