PHS track team at the Ketchikan Invitational meet. Photo/Debby Eddy

The Petersburg High School girls’ track team took first place in a region-wide meet in Ketchikan over the weekend. It was the Ketchikan Invitational. Sitka took second place and Thunder Mountain from Juneau finished third.

The Petersburg boys took fourth place at the meet. Thunder Mountain took first place by a large margin and Sitka and Ketchikan tied for third.

Petersburg’s track team left town last Friday on the ferry at about 5 in the morning and were competing at the meet later that day.

The Petersburg girls came away with several first place finishes in the individual events.

KFSK’s Angela Denning spoke with Coach Brad Taylor who was excited about the win:

You can see detailed results from the meet here: Ketchikan Track meet Results – Saturday

Next up for the track team will be the Juneau Invitational meet next week. They will leave Tuesday around midnight. The Juniors will stay home for school testing.

Coaching along with Brad Taylor this year is Debby Eddy, training distance and Tommy Thompson coaching mid-distance. Andrew Yackley is also helping with the throws.