Petersburg’s borough assembly on Monday could decide to put certain municipal buildings on a reduced electric rate. The ordinance is up for its third and final reading. The assembly amended the list from 15 buildings down to just the Aquatic Center Boiler Room, the Aquatic Center, the Middle and High School, the High School gym and the Elementary School.

Also up for its third and final reading , is an ordinance that would change the borough’s foundational document. It would allow the city of Kupreanof to own and operate the dock in Kupreanof, if the state is willing to transfer that facility. The issue must also go to the voters to decide.

The assembly will consider the public’s views on increases to the sales tax cap. There will be a public hearing on an ordinance that proposes to raise the sales tax cap from $1,200 to $5,000. The measure would also eliminate a sales tax exemption for goods purchased here for use outside of the borough.

According to the Borough’s Finance Director, Jody Tow, the borough had a total of nearly $15 million in sales that were over the tax cap last year. And nearly $6 million in sales including out of town tax exemptions.

Both sales tax exemption issues could be put on the October ballot. The tax cap change has been on the ballot multiple times in the past. Voters said no to an increase to $2,000 just three years ago. That failed by 129 votes. An increase to $1,700 failed by just six votes in 2012. The sales tax ordinance is in its second reading.

The borough assembly will consider supporting a pedestrian trail between Severson’s Subdivision and Haugen drive. The trail would go across the muskeg mostly through state owned airport land. That’s a modification from the first design which put the trail closer to neighborhoods. The trail would be constructed and maintained by the Petersburg Indian Association. They still need state approval for using airport property. The Borough’s Planning Commission recommended that the borough support the project.

There are also a few budget ordinances the assembly will be considering. One is for the upcoming fiscal year and the other is for known changes to the current year’s budget.

The regular meeting starts at noon Monday in the borough assembly chambers. KFSK will broadcast it live.