This is the top part of the poster in a coloring contest for the Rainforest Festival. The original artwork is by local artist, Kellii Wood. Posters for coloring can be picked up at the Visitor’s Center.

The Rainforest Festival is an annual event in Petersburg that highlights the natural world surrounding the town. There are science and art workshops for adults and children, lectures, and remote trips to nearby points of interest.

This year the festival runs September 7-10. The event is run by volunteers. A few of them, Chris Weiss and Christina Sargent, stopped by KFSK to talk to Angela Denning about the details.
They start by explaining about the brown bag lunch talks.

That’s just a peek at what’s happening this week for the Rainforest Festival. There is also a Wild Foods Dinner. There are several workshops for kids throughout the festival including ones on insects, fairy house making, and creating nature prints on t-shirts.

There is also a coloring contest with original artwork from local artist Kellii Wood. Those posters can be picked up at the Visitor’s Center.

The festival runs Thursday through Sunday.

Here is another link to the event’s Facebook page.