Carlos Sandoval, age 53 and Helen Olson, age 49.

Two Petersburg residents are being charged for allegedly possessing methamphetamine with the intent to distribute the drug. At hearing Wednesday afternoon, 53-year-old Carlos Sandoval and 49-year-old Helen Olson were charged with Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance in the Second Degree, a Class B Felony.

Petersburg police seized $50,000 worth of meth from Olson’s home near downtown. The local police had assistance from the Juneau police department and served a search warrant at 31 Towne Trailer Court, near the corner of Fourth and Kiseno Streets. Officers found around 500 doses of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $50,000.

In court documents, an informant had previously notified law enforcement that Sandoval had traveled to Mexico to get the meth and would be flying back to Petersburg on March 15. Officers met him at the airport in Juneau, searched his belongings, but didn’t find anything. Officers then learned that Sandoval allegedly shipped a package from California to Helen Olson in Petersburg. The package was intercepted with a search warrant and that’s where the drugs were found. Officers sent another package through the mail that looked similar to the one seized but with fake meth in it. They also put in a GPS tracker and an electronic alarm device designed to emit a signal once the box was opened.

Olson and Sandoval, who live together, allegedly picked up the fake box at the post office in Petersburg and brought it home. Police then entered the home at which time Sandoval allegedly told them that he had purchased about two ounces of meth for $600 and had planned to sell it to finance a new start for the couple.

Petersburg Magistrate Judge Desiree Burrell released Olson on her own recognizance. She put a $500 cash only bail on Sandoval, which Olson said she planned to pay. Both have conditions of release such as not leaving Petersburg.

The State Prosecutor on the case is Katholyn “Kat” Runnels. Sandoval and Olson asked the court to appoint them legal counsel because they could not afford an attorney.

There is a preliminary hearing set for April 6t at 10 a.m.