A porcupine walks near the Cascade Creek trail in Thomas Bay. (Photo courtesy of Cindi Lagoudakis)

Alaska State Troopers are seeking information about an unusual number of dead porcupines left on Mitkof Highway last week.

Motorists have posted photos on Facebook showing porcupine carcasses on the road south of Petersburg. Wildlife trooper Cody Litster said he’s received reports from people upset about the find.

“On the morning of July 3rd several people observed the reports are anywhere from a dozen to 20 porcupines that were killed and littered on the road between Blind Slough and the south end of Three Lakes Loop, kind of the grass flats area out past Man Made Hole,” Litster said. “There’s lots of rumors and lots of people talking about it but nobody has come forward with any information so at this point, it’s under investigation and I’d be looking to talk to anyone who had any first-hand knowledge of it.”

Litster says there’s photo and video evidence of the dead porcupines. He says it’s not clear how the animals were killed. Porcupines are frequently seen along the roadways of Mitkof Island and some are killed by cars and trucks. Facebook posts have made clear these were not killed by vehicles.

“You know there’s no season or bag limits for porcupines but the roadway is expected to be clear and investigation shows that these were probably deposited there,” Litster said. “So it’s most likely a littering issue. Not to mention just gross and disgusting, I mean they are still animals.”

Litster says anyone with information can call his office at 772-3983. Anonymous complaints can be made to the wildlife safeguard phone line 800-478-3377.