Petersburg Volunteer Fire Fighters work to put out an excavator on fire in Severson’s Subdivision near the intersection of Rambler and Odin, March 6. (Photo courtesy of Dave Berg)

The Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department responded to a heavy-duty vehicle fire in Severson’s Subdivision late Friday morning. The department had received a report that an excavator belonging to Rock and Road Construction had caught fire. The call came in about 10:30 a.m.

No one was hurt in the fire.

Dave Berg is a spokesperson for the fire department. He spoke with KFSK’s Angela Denning about what happened. Berg says the excavator had been operated at one of the residences in the neighborhood.

This excavator owned by Rock and Road Construction caught fire in Severson’s Subdivision, March 6. (Photo courtesy of Dave Berg)
Steam rises from an excavator on fire as Petersburg Volunteer Fire Fighters spray it with water. (Photo courtesy of Dave Berg)